Little Boxes

Little boxes_lockLately, I’ve been focusing a lot on the body and how one represents themselves and I seem to often land back on the topic of social media (or maybe I’m a tad obsessed..?). This typographical work started when I noticed how people’s tiny photos of themselves, their bodies/faces are confined and almost trapped within the limited space within the squares provided for a profile picture. Also noticing how one goes about choosing where or how exactly to crop themselves, and which parts they wish to focus on. Little people in little boxes. It can’t be comfortable.

Little boxes_detail3Detail 1Littel boxes_3 PolaroidsLittle people in little boxes Little boxes detail2Detail 2Little boxes detail1Detail 3Sketchbook_slatemInitial pen renderingProgress instagramProcess detail


Book of Faces #2

KelseyJessSlatemsMishMartha JanaRound 2 of my ongoing series, “Book of Faces”, where I illustrate the profile pictures of my friends on Facebook who have nominated their faces.

Book of Faces illustrations

DSC_2252Ash2 AyandaBellaDSC_2269RubenPhilNoddyDSC_2266Robin NadiaDSC_2264MitchI asked friends on Facebook to “nominate” their faces (i.e. their current profile picture) for my portrait studies series to practice capturing one’s real/online personality through quick sketches/paintings. The portraits all have a blue tint to them because the fineliner I used bled when mixed with water, which turned out to really work as paint in its own way.