Wrong angle, right caricature.

comboSo this happened totally by accident!
I was doing a bit of portrait painting from a glossy mag and once finished and ready to take a photo of the end work (because Instagram… because @shmaymee *hint *hint) I tried taking the photo from a weird angle to see how it would distort. A few shots later from different angles and I liked what had happened: A super quick way to “draw” multiple caricatures. A cheat perhaps, but yay 😀
So ja, do what you wish with this random bit of art info… It’d probably work on stick figures too. 3Original portrait. Ink on paper, A4.61 2tableSome work space lovin, just cause.


This little piggy…

Piggy_SlatemPig model_SlatemCarrots_SlatemCombo pigsThis little piggy was clearly the one that went to the market.
Made with plasticine and a bent paper clip for the legs.

Plasticine reminds me of my childhood, so I thought it fitting to base this project around the “This little piggy” children’s rhyme.