WIN a Scribble Doodle book!

Doodled Amy Slatem (c) 2016

It’s small, it fits into your handbag or back pocket, just needs a pen or pencil and some imagination. 

Scribble Doodles is the procrastinator’s perfect pocket book. Filled with 40 pages of creativity-starters and doodle platforms, this little book will keep you busy and offer the perfect distraction when you probably should be doing or paying attention to something else…

Each “activity” is based on a scribble which you draw onto, into, over, under, tippex on, paint, scratch out, write on or just colour in to create new creatures, constructions or mindless pen-wonderings.
At the start of April I’ll be giving away 2 copies of this little gem, one to a chosen Facebook fan, and one to an Instagram fan.

DSC_2820DSC_2821Amy Slatem (c) 2016

Amy Slatem (c) 2016

Turn the scribbles into weird and wonderful doodlings 🙂

1. Like ‘Amy Slatem Illustration’ on Facebook and/or follow @shmaymee on Instagram
2. Download and print the below Scribble Doodle and transform it into something interesting. Get creative, let loose. Draw on it, tippex things, heck… you could even cut it up and rebuild it if you want!
3. Upload your artwork (or a photo of it) to either FB or Instagram using #ScribbleDoodlesCompetition and make sure to tag me (so I know you’re in it to win it)
4. On the 31st March (DEADLINE!) I’ll choose 3 of the best entries submitted on FB and 3 of the best from Instagram and put them up on FB & Insta for public voting from 1 April-7 April 2016.
5. The entry with the most likes on the respective social media by the end of Thursday (07/04/16) WINS!
i.e. ONE winner on FACEBOOK + ONE winner on INSTAGRAM = 2 winners!!
6. I’ll contact you, get your postal address and send you your prize (RSA only).



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Living Room

Living Room_above_blog

Sunday, 17 August 2014:  Between some live music and craft beer, I found a chance to do a quick drawing of my scenery this afternoon: The Living Room – a vibey bar on a roof top in Moboneng, Joburg, charmingly decorated with hanging succulents, drift wood and many pot plants. Once I got home (to my own living room) I photographed the drawing along with my fresh Polaroid taken by my talented camera collector friend, Alex.

Living Room_drawing_CropLiving Room_side_blog

Hey, Hoopoe?

HoepooI love hoopoes, I think they’re the sweetest little birds and always seem to travel in pairs (awww). I played around with the detail images as gifs and process stages to share the development of my latest illustration from pen to digital colouring.

Hoepoo_detail3iHoepoo_detail1 Hoepoo_detail2Initial concept sketch Initial concept sketchBase colouring below outlinesHoepoo_colour process