Girl with Hat


Final artwork. Mixed media illustration.

I started this piece off doing a pencil portrait one evening sitting in front of the TV before deciding to take it a step further and use my Wacom and some good ol’ Photoshop to try bring it to life. I played around with a bunch of PS brushes which I’ve been collecting (some great, some a waste of space) but I particularly like the watercolour and the tree brush sets. I found an image with an attractive colour palette to base my colour picking off. A good few hours later, a spontaneous dash of typography and ta-dah… Sunday illustration done.


Process shots:

Girl-hat-process2 Girl-hat-process     Girl-hat-wb

Detail shots:

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Little Boxes

Little boxes_lockLately, I’ve been focusing a lot on the body and how one represents themselves and I seem to often land back on the topic of social media (or maybe I’m a tad obsessed..?). This typographical work started when I noticed how people’s tiny photos of themselves, their bodies/faces are confined and almost trapped within the limited space within the squares provided for a profile picture. Also noticing how one goes about choosing where or how exactly to crop themselves, and which parts they wish to focus on. Little people in little boxes. It can’t be comfortable.

Little boxes_detail3Detail 1Littel boxes_3 PolaroidsLittle people in little boxes Little boxes detail2Detail 2Little boxes detail1Detail 3Sketchbook_slatemInitial pen renderingProgress instagramProcess detail