Joburg Art Fair 2015


Having heard a number of good reviews about it, I went to go check out the Joburg Art Fair held at the Sandton Convention Centre for myself this weekend. Mmmm… there really was such a great collection of diverse contemporary art featuring some big names in the South African art scene and beyond.
It’s was definitely well worth it being able to see the work of artists I know of and have learnt about in school and varsity, or just generally admire. Let’s name drop a bit off the top of my head… William Kentridge, Lionel Smit, Athi-Patra Ruga, Ed Young, Brett Murray, Nigel Mullins, Nicholas Hlobo, Anton Kannemeyer, Roger Ballen and so many more.
Overall, it was well worth the R130 entrance for an afternoon spent walking around the lovely venue looking at works up close, then afar and getting to bond with my camera for a change and being able to admire the textures and painterly/material details of the actual artworks made by hands I admire.
So I’m sorry if you missed it, cause you missed out. Maybe next year, doll…

35-NigelNigel Mullins

Johannes Pokela

2619_comboOne of my favourites (the artist’s name wasn’t there, sadly). Loved the realism left to clash with the loose brushstrokes and white canvas.

31Claudette Schreuders

Lionel Smit

16-Lionel-comboLionel Smit

8 9 11-Cloe-ReidCloe Ried

Ed Young, Buttercup

20_skullboySkullboy (If only I had R12 000 lying around… Love this guy!)

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Wrong angle, right caricature.

comboSo this happened totally by accident!
I was doing a bit of portrait painting from a glossy mag and once finished and ready to take a photo of the end work (because Instagram… because @shmaymee *hint *hint) I tried taking the photo from a weird angle to see how it would distort. A few shots later from different angles and I liked what had happened: A super quick way to “draw” multiple caricatures. A cheat perhaps, but yay 😀
So ja, do what you wish with this random bit of art info… It’d probably work on stick figures too. 3Original portrait. Ink on paper, A4.61 2tableSome work space lovin, just cause.

Living Room

Living Room_above_blog

Sunday, 17 August 2014:  Between some live music and craft beer, I found a chance to do a quick drawing of my scenery this afternoon: The Living Room – a vibey bar on a roof top in Moboneng, Joburg, charmingly decorated with hanging succulents, drift wood and many pot plants. Once I got home (to my own living room) I photographed the drawing along with my fresh Polaroid taken by my talented camera collector friend, Alex.

Living Room_drawing_CropLiving Room_side_blog

Aged Self Portrait Series

Top farm_SlatemShearer_SlatemCows_Slatem combo texture_SlatemThis self portrait series holds personal nostalgia in that all the image overlays are photos I took at home some time ago of various aspects of the farm. Now that I’m living in a big city, this longing for home and the charm of farm life and open natural space is ever more present. The series overall is reminiscent of Victorian profile silhouettes which highlights this nostalgia.