Inktober 2019


Inktober is an international drawing-a-day challenge for the month of October.
I chose to follow the official Inktober prompt list again this year and drew them all in a Unipin 0.8 pen. I touched up everything in Photoshop later because of my impatience to erase the pencil sketches right after inking left smudges, as well as bad line choices when inking). This is the first year I’ve stuck to a style and theme. Meet Margret and her pooch, Rocky!INK-1INK-2INK-3INK-4INK-5INK-6INK-7INK-8INK-9INK-10INK-11INK-12INK-13INK-14INK-15INK-16INK-17INK-18INK-19INK-20INK-21INK-22INK-23INK-24INK-25INK-26INK-27INK-28INK-29INK-30INK-31INK-End

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