Original typographic work. Pencil, 210 x 297 mm.

For and about all those times we’re made to think our great isn’t good enough.

This piece has a kind of end-of-year-vibe with nothing to do with Christmas, but more a summative look back at the general feeling for the year gone by. A tad negative though, but I see it more as having just been a year spent trying to find my footing in the [creative and real] world and the big city. 2014 has been the foundation-digging year and from here on out, it’s only onward and upward. Here’s to greatness. *glass clink

This work is from an ongoing series of type-work based on experiences, thoughts and quotes particularly significant to me at this point in time. The ongoing struggle of a 22 year old. Negativity and the plight to greatness.

Good_Amy Slatem Ⓒ 2014No.


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