My Liebster Award


Liebster-01-01Thank you to the oh-so-adventurous and lovely Elna of Sometimes Elna Blogs for nominating mwah for the Leibster Award. Because this concept is all about link-love with other blogs, I’m quoting Nadia in her previous explanation of the award for newbies to the concept:

“Like all ‘youths’ in my day, I sought counsel from my good friend “Google” to find out more about the nomination. From what I can gather, this nomination is a way to expose smaller blogs and to network the blogging world. The rules are simple: accept or decline your nomination, thank and provide the link to your nominator’s blog, answer their questions and finally nominate five blogs for the award while providing your own set of questions.

#1 If I’m new to your blog, what’s the one post that I should read, that you’re most proud of?
I’m all for pictures so by “read” we can substitute “check out”. I’m going to have to go with my recent and ongoing series of portrait illustrations: “Book of Faces” where I got friends on Facebook to “nominate” their profile pictures for me to illustrate. Maybe one of my favourite projects mainly because it became so much more than I’d originally thought. Happy accident #1: I drew with a fine liner (not my usual waterproof one) and when I introduced water on a brush while adding some colour, the pen lines bled, and I found I could actually “paint” with the pen’s drawn ink alone. Then, happy accident #2: I decided to upload the portraits directly up to FB so I could tag my friend’s instead of tagging them in a blog link (doubting they’d bother to click)… but I hadn’t quite considered the amount of exposure and the extended network of viewers this allowed. My Facebook blew up for the next 24hrs by friends, and friends of friends interacting with these portraits, liking, sharing, commenting, messaging and even sending me some friend requests.

#2 Which blogger or artist has influenced or inspired your work?
Eish, errrm… I don’t think I can narrow it down to one. I’m constantly on blogs and Twitter finding other blogs and artists all the time. I usually overload my brain with inspiring stuff. But right now the one artist that comes to mind is Beautiful Hello Blog (Emily Jeffords), she just makes me wanna quit my job and become a full time artist/painter. Truth. And her blog though. Preeeettty.
#3 Do you have a specific place or ritual that gets your creative juices flowing?
Specific place? Usually where I am right now: in front of my desk at home, or the same table but on the other side where there’s space to spread out and create stuff. No real ritual other than usually by Sunday I realise I need to make something worth uploading (as I produce a lot of little projects throughout the week but nothing as substantial as I make on the weekend when I have time and sunshine through my window- a big factor for painting especially). And music. Lotsa music. Lotsa loud.
#4 Is there a creative project or blog post you’re dying to do?
Yes! I have a whole notebook buzzing with “please-do-me’s”… As I come up with new ones, the older ideas get deprioritized. But I don’t particularly have one I’m dying to do at the moment that deserves special mention?
#5  Share something beautiful from your life with us. Please?
Well my blog is my way of sharing little things of beauty (I believe) from my life. Kinda corny, but I can’t imagine what I’d do without art and my love for creating whether it be painting, cooking or jamming guitar.

Alrighty: My nominations are…
1. Maricelle: Shoot
2. Kate: Kajavar
3. Alex: Vicariously Harri
4. Mia: Multikulti
5. Sally: Sally’s Pinboard

Here are your questions…
#1. When did you start your blog and what was your first post about?
#2. What is the most exciting thing you have done this month and did you blog about it? (if so, include the link)
#3. Post a photo of your immediate surroundings right now or of the object closest to you.
#4. What quote really resonates with you?
#5. What creative project are you currently working on and when do you plan to finish it?

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