Time to start up the ol’ art blog again

First came my blog. Then came my Wix website for all my artworks which was better suited for image display at the end of 2012 (and is still going: http://amyslatem.wix.com/asartworks), which meant that this old blog got a lot of time to collect dust and ponder about the greater things in life.

But now since leaving the magical land of university, I now have a greater need for personal creative outlet. Where before, all my creative energy was put into my art and design assignments and I didn’t have the need to do my own art for fun.

But now that I work at an ad agency where clients (who know very little/nothing about good design) are king, I don’t get to do what I want, which is often creatively smothering. So now my excitement and enthusiasm to do art has really grown and I find myself sketching during lunch breaks and at random times, now more than ever. This is where my blog’s resurrection comes in… A place to share my random doodling and little paintings with others.


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